Discover new restaurants through free food.

Work at an office? Get some free food.

Receive exclusive offers from the best restaurants, bars and coffee shops near your office. You control offer frequency and we control offer quality so you’ll never feel spammed.


How it works


Don’t Miss Out


Why We Can Send Free Stuff


Simple I.D.

By signing up with and verifying your work email, you create a customer profile that is very attractive to our partner merchants. You buy food & drink near work numerous times per week and merchants are happy to send some free "advertising" your way.


No Spam

We know SMS marketing can easily turn into annoying spam. We prevent this in two ways. First, all offers are vetted through us to ensure quality & relevancy. Second, users themselves get to choose their text frequency and always have the option to unsubscribe.


By combining these two features, we are able to provide a win-win product for both consumers and merchants.


Want to be the office hero? Get your coworkers some free food!
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