Before Receiving Your Sample


Where does Lunchspread currently deliver to?

We are currently servicing offices located anywhere in Manhattan & Brooklyn. 

What if my office is not in your target area?

No problem. We are expanding quickly so definitely still sign-up and we will contact you once we have partner restaurants in your area.   

Do I have to work at an office?

Yes. We are currently only targeting offices so a valid company name and address is needed to receive a sample.

Do I have to pay a delivery fee or tip?

For our launch, we will be covering all delivery fees. Tip the actually delivery person as you normally would.   

I just signed up. When will my free sample arrive?

It will depend on our current supply of partner restaurants. It could be as fast as 1 day or as long as a couple weeks. Either way we'll keep you updated.

What time of day will my samples arrive?

Different restaurants have different sample delivery times. While the majority of restaurants will deliver samples around 12-1pm as a nice lunch we have a lot of restaurants that can only deliver samples in the afternoon (2-4pm) to avoid their rush lunch hours. These samples are meant to be more of a nice afternoon snack / tasting!


After Receiving Your Sample


My samples were just delivered. What should I do now?

Gather all participating co-workers and unveil your samples! Menu's and cards provided in the samples will let you know which one of our great partner restaurant provided today's sample. 

I'm done eating. Now what?

If you enjoyed your sample, simply show your appreciation by placing a full priced order next time you can't decide what's for lunch. You can browse if you need to order food for a larger meeting or event. Orders through our site help us continue sending delicious samples :)

How do I get my next sample?

After you have received your sample, we will follow up with a quick survey on your experience. Once everyone in your group has filled out the survey, we will schedule you for your next sample!