Catering Sample FAQs

Where does Lunchspread currently deliver to?

We are currently servicing offices located anywhere in Manhattan & Brooklyn. 

What if my office is not in your target area?

No problem. We are expanding quickly so definitely still sign-up and we will contact you once we have partner restaurants in your area.   

Do I have to work at an office?

Yes. We are currently only targeting offices so a valid company name and address is needed to receive a sample.

Can I just order catering without samples?

Absolutely. Just go to and start an order. Email us if you want recommendations or example orders.

I just signed up. When will my free sample arrive?

It will depend on our current supply of partner restaurants. It could be as short as a couple days or as long as a couple weeks. Either way we'll keep you updated.

What time of day will my samples arrive? And How many people will it feed?

Different restaurants have different sample delivery times. While the majority of restaurants will deliver samples around 12-1pm as a nice lunch we have a lot of restaurants that can only deliver samples in the afternoon (2-4pm) to avoid their rush lunch hours. These samples are meant to be more of a nice afternoon snack / tasting! Samples are always portioned out for around 8-10 people in order to keep food costs manageable for our partner restaurants.


Walk-In Text Offer FAQs


Why do I need to give me cell phone number?

Our offer platform is completely SMS based to save you the trouble of needing to download another app. Don't worry, we control the quality and frequency of text offers so you never feel spammed.

Why do I need to use my work email?

We use your corporate email to verify where you work and more importantly figure out where your office is located to send you only offers within walking distance. This verification allows us to get you the best possible offers from merchants.

I signed up. When will I get my first offer?

We will be spending June gathering beta signups and working out some remaining bugs. We will begin sending out offers in July however when you receive your first one will depend on a variety of factors including office location, survey preferences, etc.

How do I redeem offers?

After receiving an offer, you can redeem using your personal QR code (a link to your user account will be provided in every text) or phone number at the restaurant. Simply let the merchant know you are there to redeem your Lunchspread offer and they will know!

What happens after I redeem?

After redemption, you will receive a link to fill out a quick survey letting us know what you thought. If you enjoyed the restaurant and wish to go back, your same QR code / phone number now becomes a virtual punch card to rack up loyalty points at the restaurant. Either way, you will be put back in the queue for more offers. Users that fill out surveys and return to restaurants receive priority for future offers :)