Discover new restaurants through free food.

Free food delivered
right to your office.

In charge of feeding your team? Discover new catering
options through free tastings and offers at the office.


How it works


We match.

Fill out a quick survey about your catering preferences. We’ll then match you with a partner restaurant and reach out to schedule a convenient delivery window.


You taste.

Curated samples* will be delivered right to your office. Take a break from your busy day to relax, hang out with co-workers, and taste some great new food.


You order.

If you enjoyed the food, we make it easy for you to place an order next time you need catering. We’ll repeat the process until you’ve built an entire rotation of new catering options.


*samples are always portioned out for roughly 8-10 people regardless of team size in order to keep food costs manageable for our great partner restaurants.


Why Lunchspread Catering?


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