Why Lunchspread

Marketing for independent restaurants is broken.

Restaurant marketing is currently dominated by marketplace style products (e.g. Seamless, UberEats, etc.) And while these products have many benefits, the one glaring cost is the large commission (upwards of 30%) taken on each and every order.

Larger chains invest heavily in direct to customer marketing to avoid these commissions (e.g., Chipotle is never on Seamless). Unfortunately, most independent restaurants do not have the resources to run effective direct campaigns and are stuck paying high commissions year after year.


The good news is, we’re here to help.

Our mission is to build products that allow any restaurant, regardless of size, to run effective direct to customer marketing. We partner with restaurants themselves to build collective customer databases and direct channels for anyone to run campaigns off of.

With Lunchspread, even the smallest mom & pop restaurant will be able to execute targeted, creative and scalable direct marketing to grow their business. And best of all, every campaign will be run on top of our best in class ordering platforms, always commission free.



The Team